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My company was founded in2014Years03Month20Day,Registered in yingbin street, economic development zone66Number,Scope of business is auto parts、The steam engine、Power-assist bicycle parts、Car decals、Sales;Mechanical processing。(Subject to approval in accordance with the project,By the related department approval to operate),Mainly engaged in steam car washer and so on,The registered capital of three leagues all round。Company is located in economic development zone, yingbin street66Number,To the car wash tools in the industry well-known private company。As a professional steam car washer custom cheung road(Make to order)The company,The company USES the excellent network technology and strict management system,Adhere to“Let customer satisfaction,Profit for our customers”For the purpose of the service,To serve our customers heart and soul。

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The steam car washer to join us_Steam car washer to manufacturers
The steam car washing has been in the open market,Now is the time period,Slow one step so occupied market pattern is smaller,2.Steam car wash advantages fully rolling water cannons wash the car,Both in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection or car wash,Scope or wash the car,Steam car washing are far more than water cannons wash the car,3.Obtained the general consumers,This just do what you should do it,Showed the steam car wash advantages to the people,As for how to understand how to accept it,It depends on each person's mean,People thought will be realized,This way of washing the car not only does not hurt the car paint,And the energy conservation and environmental protection,And also can carry on the deep cleaning of vehicles。4. Trolley models,Makes it move easily,Compact and beautiful,The operation is simple,The double pressure!5. Pairs of steam,Independent system,Double steam gun can operate at the same time,Continuous pressure of steam20Kg is not falling,The swappable high pressure cold water70Kg。6.New type of stainless steel coil,Resistance to high temperature and high pressure,Just burn,Durable,Warranty10Years。7. Gas fired heating,Special heating coil design,Cold start machine55Seconds out of steam,Heating speed,High efficiency。8. Double gas heating furnace,Ensure continuous supply of steam,Heating automatic control,Lack of water or over temperature automatic stop heating,Close shot down。9. Use direct ignition system,Refused to ChangMingHuo,The ignition sensitive,Flameout alarm,High thermal efficiency,Save energy consumption。10. Industrial-grade dc plunger pump,Stable performance,Durable,All copper pump head,Stepless pressure flow control,A long time continuous operation。11. The whole machine fool electric control,Refused to circuit board,Pressure temperature level control,Stability of the pressure!12.The AD hoc anti-freezing function,Winter ice and snow outside for the night,Pipeline emptying,To prevent the frost crack pipe fittings,To prevent the steam pipe gun ice jam,Throughout the year!